Friday, December 22, 2017

C'est cool, non?

Don't get too excited, this is a photo of last winter season.I thought it might help to prepare minds for what's to come. Solstice has just passed, all hail the Short Arsed Day. I am planning for an early Spring planting. The doom laden science  warns of great changes.  " 'Bout time we noticed."  sez I.
Don't be too distracted by Christmas. Blowing the seasons accumulated resources in an almighty binge could leave you out in the cold spartan pit of austere hardship for the months ahead.

Our little patch of mud is shaping up well.The soil is holding both heat and moisture. Enlivened by compost and manure as well as the leaf litter now autumn has blown it's course.  Crushed shell to sweeten the more acidic ground. Kale, cabbage, swiss chard and leeks are thriving. We've celery and celeriac. Frissee endive and mache for salad.  Rutabaga navet parsnips and black radish should keep the wolf from the door at a pinch. Next years garlic is doing well. I sowed 50 cloves all bar 3 or 4 are showing four inches of green. My broad beans are showing their first leaves. We have used all our big onions, I will plant a bigger patch next spring.  There are plenty of schallots.  Fruit trees and bushes all budding up. We are looking forward to bumper harvests.   If you are short of Brussel sprout this Christmas day you are welcome to share a plate at our table.  They are good.
 We have enough firewood in store for the winter. Some in Emile's barn, some stacked in the yard that needs some whacks with the merlin before it gets to the stove.I rate the look of the garden as fairly scruffy at present, several chores as yet left unfinished. Twigs to shred. Beds to mulch, a bit of weeding. The edge of circular raised beds need redefining where they are not supported with stones. It'll get tidy in the next couple of weeks. Doing the work is most of the fun.  Months cultivating food that only lasts a few minutes on a plate. Best we don't regard living the life as a regretable chore.
 No photos of my doings this time.  Here's a splash of colour from Anne-Sophie's industry. 

Wool traded for vegetables in Kilrush, Co. Claire , dyed and shaped into a fine  hat. Anne-So does a lot of that.


You can look see for yourself just click the link below the image.  I wont be posting any music for a while. There will be more. There is a mountain of digital recording to sort through to select out the best, a small batch at a time.  Best wishes to all and whether you like it or not, I hope you have a Merry Christmas. I. WAZIR

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

It's happening in Redon;;;

Sign of the times.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Hello again,There more to come but there's much else to do besides stabbing a keyboard...

Should see us through the week

Sign of the times, plant and seed exchange. 

Next, a fire place and a wooden deck. Thanks to Toby for his help.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

June 4... Happy Birthday Emma Grace.

I've missed you a bunch, wish you were near.

Friday, June 2, 2017

It's about time...

Glad to see the runner beans are not sleeping on the job.
I shouldn't be so impatient, have faith instead in the good preparation.

The first potato flowers...

Perfect leaf, perfect bloom. What could be more promising?  We dug up some of the rogue spuds yesterday, we have enough of those dotted around to allow this years crop to mature without our hungry interference.They didn't last long on the plate,a delicious companion to the first carrot thinnings and the first harvest of mange tout, falafel with a proven├žal style sauce completed a perfect lunch.

Thursday, June 1, 2017